Catchup Post #4: Dave’s Bachelor Party in Lake Tahoe

One of the reasons why I’ve been so busy this year is because of all the big events.  Along with three weddings (mine included) comes three bachelor parties.  As of this post, we’ve already gone through two of them, and they’ve both been an awesome time.  I’ll get to the second one in a future post, but first things first.

Dave was the first to get married this year, so to celebrate we planned a guy’s weekend in Lake Tahoe.  I’ve never been there before, but have seen Dave’s video from his trips and it looked amazing.  It was as blue and awesome as I imagined which really lent itself towards taking a lot of very blue photographs.  I invested in a polarizing filter for my relatively new dSLR camera.  The weekend was filled with Kan Jam, wine, hiking and biking.  I took a ton of pictures so check out a few below and a couple of sets on Flickr too:

All of Dave’s Bachelor Party in Lake Tahoe (289 photos)
Best of Dave’s Bachelor Party in Lake Tahoe (53 photos)

The guys hiking at Lake Tahoe
Don and his new lobster friend
Wine + Grilling = Perfect Weekend

Catchup Post #3: Angels & Airwaves at 9:30 Club

Angels and Airwaves
Angels and Airwaves at 9:30 Club

Back in May – one of my many favorite bands over the last 5 years is Angels and Airwaves.  Couple that with my favorite local venue – 9:30 club, and you got a great night.  As always, I locked down my position at the back bar right by the VIP area.  Good vantage point with easy access to the back bar.  That’s just how it goes in my old age.  Check out the rest of the pictures here on Flickr.

Catchup Post #2: New Camera + Ella’s Month Party

Sometime in the last year or so, my camera started to take pictures slower than I could draw them, and also had developed a line of dead pixels.  I think it was mostly because I didn’t take care of it and shoved it in my linty pockets instead of storing it in a case.  I hemmed and hawed over what to buy next.  Should I finally get a dSLR, or stick with a point and shoot?  I decided not to decide.  Thanks to a great financing deal at Best Buy, I got a new P&S and my first dSLR.  A major factor was our choice of honeymoon spots (more on that later), and thinking of all the great shots I would be missing if I only had my slow P&S.

New P&S: Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS:

I haven’t used this camera extensively yet because I have been mostly messing around with the dSLR.  It’s pretty much the same as my previous camera, with a couple more bells and whistles.  The most important factor was the HD video recording capability.  Like I said, I don’t use it that often, so not much video has been captured either.  It’s form is very tiny, so that’s good for transporting, but a little harder to take those self-composed pictures of me and Amanda.

New dSLR: Canon EOS Rebel T1i:

I went against the grain a little bit here by going Canon instead of Nikon, which most of my friends have.  I found it to fit better in my hands, and also was used to the menu system.  I’m still shooting in all the auto modes, but I’m very pleased with the picture quality, and mostly the speed of capturing a moment.  My first “shoot” was for my niece’s month party.  It’s hard to get used to lugging around a huge camera, but the pictures make it worth it.  Here’s one of my favorites.

Ella at her month party

Check out the rest of the set on Flickr: Ella’s Month Party

What’s been happening?

Wow, a lot has gone on in the past 4-5 months since I last posted.  I hope to get back to posting a little more regularly, if not just to link to the pictures I’ve been taking in my Flickr photostream.

Since our trip to Horton and Barboursville Wineries:

  • I’ve moved offices.  Same company, but now I’m downtown.  I had a nice period of almost a year and a half where I only had to walk 13 minutes down the street to the office in Courthouse, so I can’t complain.  I’ve always wanted to work closer to the city, and not have to deal with a 45+ mile roundtrip commute.  I now have to deal with the mess that is the metro, but so far, not too bad.  This is a huge difference (and improvement) from my last two companies that were located deep into the ‘burbs out in Dulles/Sterling and Rockville/Gaithersburg.  Here’s a pic of my new desk area right after we moved.  It’s pretty bland, but I try to make it up to the newsroom (where the action is) as much as possible.  There’s also the benefit of seeing some unique events that only happen in the downtown office – like the annual Peeps contest voting.
New office/cube

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