Welcome Spring Weather

Finally, Spring is here.  I was definitely tired of the snow piled up on the streets for weeks.  To celebrate, and get out of the house, we took a day trip down towards Charlottesville to visit a couple wineries for the day (Barboursville and Horton).  We picked up a few bottles, and look forward to drinking them on our rooftop this summer.

See C-Ville Wineries on Flickr.

Great weather at Barboursville
Great weather at Barboursville

1987: Balloon Launch Day

1987: Balloon Launch day at Fairview Elementary

While going through my baby book at my parents house, I stumbled onto this gem of a picture that my dad snapped.  Back in 1987, near the end of the school year, was a great (and soon realized environmentally irresponsible) tradition of launching hundreds of balloons into the air.  I think the idea was that if you tied your personal information onto the balloon, when someone found it, they could become your pen pal.  Not sure why anyone would want that?

I love finding old pictures like these.  Did anyone else have a balloon launch at their elementary school?

Visit to Salt Lake City: Omniture Summit 2010

Last week I got to go to my first Omniture Summit.  For those that don’t know, we use Omniture at work to measure everything about what people do on our site.  The summit is a gathering of all the vendors, clients and Omniture employees to figure out what is going on in the web analytics world and what the trends in the industry are.  Yeah, it sounds pretty nerdy, but it’s what I do!  I gotta say, I enjoyed being immersed in learning and thinking about the different ways real companies are out there solving problems – and how we can do it better.  On top of all that I won a business card drawing from one of the sessions (more on that one later).

As you can imagine, the conference costs a decent amount of money, which allows them to bring in great speakers, and entertainment for the week.  This year, the big speakers were John Battelle, marketing guru Seth Godin, and The Killers!  They were awesome.  I hope to go again next year.  But enough of that talk – I just wanted to share a few pictures that I took…

Omniture Summit on Flickr

Seth Godin
Seth Godin speaking at Omniture Summit 2010
Mountains in Salt Lake City
View of the mountains from my hotel room
SLC Mountains
I woke up to this in the morning!
Killers playing at The Rail in SLC

Welcome Ella Violet

I am officially an Uncle!  My sister had Ella Violet on February 8th, 2010.  I got to hold her when she was only a few hours old.  I am excited to have a niece and see her grow over the years.  My Dad also asked that I grab a Washington Post paper from the office to remember what happened on the day she was born.  Front and center are two things I won’t forget about the current events – the snowstorm in DC and the Capitals beating the Penguins in an amazing overtime comeback.

Welcome Ella!

Ella Violet
The Washington Post
The Washington Post - 2.8.10

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When we moved into our new place last October, one of my favorite things was the view in the morning.  One year ago today, I started taking a picture every morning.  Sometimes I caught the sun at the right time, and sometimes I woke up a bit late.  I managed to catch 281 out of 365 mornings – missing whenever I was on vacation or got lazy and forgot to take a picture.  It was a bit of a chore towards the middle of the year, but started to pay off whenever the seasons changed and leaves and flowers would come and go.

Music is by the Foo Fighters – Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners.