Stock Market Woes: C’mon TWX!

TWX Plummets

I need TWX to do better within the next 30 days so that I can take advantage of my stock options before they expire! It hasn’t done too hot since I quit (or the past year for that matter)…I should probably just pull the trigger before it gets any lower. The picture below also makes me sad. TWX was the only stock that’s down of the few that I follow. Even the pathetic Blockbuster was trending with the market.


Goodbye AOL

Yesterday was my last day at AOL. After interning for two summers, more than five years as a full-timer and many dodged rounds of layoffs, I have decided to move onto the next step in my career. There are many reasons why I should stay at AOL, but there are some that make it necessary to leave. I owe a lot if not all of my development to AOL – after all it was my first job right out of college. I didn’t think that my last two weeks would be that difficult, but I have started to realize how many people I have worked and become friends with over the years.

My next company is a small ~130 person company in Rockville, MD called InvestorPlace Media. I’m not too excited about having 495 and 270 in my commute, but I am really excited about the level of responsibility and potential for influence that I can have. I will be expanding on some of my natural curiosity of internet as a Web Analyst, analyzing traffic trends and hopefully maximizing nerdy buzz words for them like ROI, Page Views and Unique Visitors. There is much to learn about web analytics, so currently I have my nose buried in Avinash Kaushik’s excellent and extremely thorough book Web Analytics: An Hour a Day. I saw him speak when he came to AOL, and that definitely piqued my interest in the subject.I’ll miss all the good times, beer bashes, team outtings, the gym, bowling, but mostly the people. It has been an extremely tough choice for me to leave, and it may end up being a great decision or a terrible decision, but I won’t know until I try…

Bangalore: Day 5

Drinking with our DriverIt’s been five days here in Bangalore, India and I think I’m starting to get in the swing of things. Getting to work each day has been an adventure with the traffic patterns being much different than back in the US. Driving a vehicle on the streets of Bangalore is much like walking in a crowd. There are lines on the streets, but it means nothing. Cars, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians pass each other inches apart. At first I thought it was much like China, but now that I’ve commuted for five days – I realize that it’s much more chaotic. Thankfully, Chris and I have a driver that comes to pick us up from our hotel each morning at 9am and we get to work at Ecospace Campus (which is 3-4 miles away) in about 45 minutes. He also takes us back to the hotel, or to a restaurant or shopping if we want to.

I’ve never been on a business trip, but I think I like it. Other than missing the comforts of my home, friends and family – I get to experience a country for free. I’ve eaten at very interesting restaurants (Bombay Post, BBQ Nation), drank Kingfisher beer, witness a wedding, play a Sitar, and meet my Indian AOL colleagues. It took much less time to adjust to being in India than I thought. Possibly because Bangalore is a city of technology. If you’re company isn’t represented here already, you’re already late to the game.

This weekend marks the start of Ganesh Chaturthi, or Ganesh Festival, celebrating the birthday of Hindu God Ganesh, which lasts for an odd number of days (usually 1 to 11). Walking around yesterday, there were statues of Ganesh prepared to be displayed this weekend. We still haven’t hit tourist market central, MG Road, but definitely plan on hitting that this weekend.

I have 3.5 days left. Unfortunately we won’t get to travel up to Agra to see the Taj Mahal but there is so much more to see here in Bangalore. Other than that, the training sessions that Chris and I are conducting have been very productive and well received. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of all this city has to offer.

As always, keep checking out the constantly updated set on Flickr: India Trip.

Greetings From Bangalore, India!

Bangalore - MosaicHey everyone, quick update here because I can’t really fall asleep yet, but I’m here in Bangalore India on a business trip. I’ve been taking some pictures of the business class amenities on the plane, the Frankfurt Germany airport, and a few of the Bangalore airport. I haven’t seen much, so these might be a little boring, but keep checking on this set because I’ll be uploading pictures to the set all week long.

Update 9/13 – Added more pictures!

Update 9/14 – Added even more pictures! 

Bangalore India Trip Set on Flickr

Beach & Bangalore

It’s the last day at the beach here for me and for the first time in a few years, I had my fantasy football drafts the week before going to the beach.  This is especially nice, because I got to pick my team rather than using the pre-set autodraft.  (I’ll post my two lineups in a later post.)  Unfortunately, I have to head back a little earlier than usual this year because of school, but I’m glad to sneak in one more relaxing vacation before I’m inundated with homework and reading.

Also when I get back to work, I will be frantically prepare some training material for my trip over to Bangalore, India to train a few new analysts.  I’m really excited to get a free trip to a place that I never thought I’d visit to experience new cultures and food.  I’ll be heading over with my co-worker, Chris, and we’re going to try to chase down some NFL games in a bar.  Not sure if they get the games over there though.  You’ll definitely see a slew of pictures posted/linked from in in about two weeks, so keep checkin’ back in.