2007 Army Ten Miler Results

I did it. I completed the Army Ten Miler for the second straight year in a row. This time was much more challenging than last year mostly due to my lack of sticking to a training schedule. Despite my best efforts to post here in order to force myself to run more frequently – work, school, sleep, TV, and basically anything trumped training days. This time around I only ran 136.6 miles over 22.4 hours in 6 months. The breaks in the chart below is when I was lazy.

Unlike last year, the weather was brutally hot. You know you’re in for a long day when you’re hot before you even start running. Last year the temperature was nice and cool, almost cold, which is good because you heat up a ton over the course of 10 miles. Unofficially, I finished in 103 minutes, which works out to be 10:18 per mile. Not great, since last year I finished in ~95 mins, but I was just happy to finish at all. Unfortunately one person didn’t make it through the oppressive heat and passed away at GW Hospital. You can read about that here.

Right now, I’m not sure if I’m up to running it three times in a row. I have 6 months to sit around, get fat and decide later I suppose.

Update: Official Results are in – 92:56 total time!

Running Log: Weeks 19-25

Yeah, that’s right, weeks 19 through 25. When I started writing this running log, I had exactly 26 weeks to get ready for the Army Ten Miler. Time has flown by, and this time I wasn’t nearly as disciplined in training as I was last year. The training this time around has been pretty pathetic. I’ve had moments this past week where I thought I’d just give my bib to a friend to run, but after three good runs this past week, I’m just going to suck it up and run. It’s really going to suck, and I’ll want to quit at the 2 mile mark, the five mile mark, and every mile until I’m done, but it should be an interesting mental and physical challenge. I’m really going to be relying on a rare spike in adrenalin from the excitement of running with 26,000 other people around DC. A couple more runs during the week, and then the big race on Sunday. Wish me luck!

[week 19-25 of 26]

  • Runs: 8
  • Distance: 30.1 miles
  • Time: 307 minutes (10.2 minutes/mile)

Total Stats (25 weeks total):

  • Total Runs: 38
  • Total Distance: 121.6 miles
  • Total Time: 19.9 hours (9.8 minutes/mile)

Running Log: Week 18

Finally a breakthrough in my running schedule. I set a goal of 10 miles last week, and I’m glad to say that I met that mark. I ran a total of 11 miles this week in three sessions, the longest run being 5 miles. It went easier than I anticipated. Physically I wasn’t tired or hurting after each run. It has become more a matter of available time, my patience level of running for >45 minutes at a time, and also my dang left earbud won’t stay put in my ear. I’m going to have to get different headphones for my iPod Shuffle just for running. If anyone out there has recommendations for good running headphones, let me know.

Now onto stats that aren’t totally pathetic:

[week 18 of 26]

  • Runs: 3
  • Distance: 11 miles
  • Time: 104 minutes (9.5 minutes/mile)

Total Stats (18 weeks total):

  • Total Runs: 30
  • Total Distance: 91.5 miles
  • Total Time: 14.8 hours (9.7 minutes/mile)

Running Log: Week 16

Finally got a couple runs in, but nothing substantial at this point in what my training should be. The good news about this post is that I survived my skydive to even post at all. I’ve posted some pictures from before and after the jump at Skydive Orange and I’m also working on ripping the video off the DVD to post onto YouTube, so check back for that soon.

[week 16 of 26]

  • Runs: 2
  • Distance: 5.95 miles
  • Time: 57 minutes (9.6 minutes/mile)

Total Stats (16 weeks total):

  • Total Runs: 26
  • Total Distance: 77.2 miles
  • Total Time: 12.5 hours (9.7 minutes/mile)

Running Log: Week 14-15

This must be the slump in my training routine and this has turned more into a week in review rather than running log I intended it to be. I didn’t even run 1 mile last week, and only 2 miles this week. To my defense I have been busy at work and traveling all over the place on the weekends. Camping and white water rafting last weekend, drove almost the furthest you can go while staying in Virginia (to Grundy, VA) this weekend, and next weekend, I’ll be headed down to Orange, VA for the day to jump out of a plane with my sister. More pictures from that later this week. Panoramic ones. Hope you’re not tired of them yet… 😉

Army Ten Miler Results

Waking up at the crack of dawn when it’s still pitch black outside usually isn’t my idea of fun. But when two of your best friends show up to catch the metro to get down to the Pentagon in time to run 10 miles through DC with 24,000 other people, it’s a little different. We started off all together, but quickly broke up within the first half mile. Bobbing and weaving through the initial backup was a little annoying, but after about 2 miles things started to break up and I could get into a good pace.

Halfway through it was nice to see some familiar faces when Amanda, Amy and my sister Kelley were waiting to cheer us on at about Mile Marker 5 (@ 14th & Independence). Up until this race, the farthest I had ever run at one time is ~8 miles. I actually beat my goal of running 10 minute miles by running 9.5 minute miles, finishing in an unofficial time of 95 minutes. Andrew ripped up the course and finished in 82 minutes and Nick (on his birthday) finished somewhere in between us. One thing that I didn’t expect to do was run the entire time. I had been training by walking for a minute every couple miles or so, but when there were other people running with me, I was motivated to keep my legs moving.

Overall a very good experience, and I think Andrew, Nick and I are hooked enough to sign up for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler that’s on April 1st, 2007. Amanda took some pictures of us, so check them out on my Flickr site.

Army Ten Miler 2006 on Flickr Set | Map

Update They’ve updated the ATM site with results…I finished in 1:35:08, click on the picture to search for yourself or someone you know that ran the race.

Army Ten Miler

In a brief moment of inspiration after watching the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler this past April, I decided to sign up for the Army 10 Miler. For those who don’t know, the ATM is a 10 mile race (obviously) that starts and ends by the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, but we snake in, out and around Washington DC.

Six months ago when I signed up, October 8th (the day of the race) seemed like a year away. But now, it’s only 2 days away. I half heartedly trained for the first few months, then I invested in real running shoes, running shorts, and if the new iPod Shuffle had come out in time, I would’ve bought that too. At first, running three miles was just about my limit. Then I ran around Burke Lake for the first time in my life. Slowly since then I’ve pushed myself to running an 8 mile loop on the W&OD trail by my house 2 times in the last 3 weeks.

The hardest part about running for that long, definitely isn’t the physical part of it – it’s the mental. You really have to clear your mind and set aside an hour and a half where you can’t think of anything else you need to be doing. If I started running at 1pm on a Sunday right when the Redskins start to play, there’s a 100% chance I’d only run for 2-3 miles or so. So, the key to having a good run, in my opinion, is not having anything to do and nowhere to be. I actually can’t wait until the race on Sunday so that I can get it over with.

I even got a couple of my friends (Nick & Andrew) to sign up for the race too. So come out and support us if you can. The race starts at 8am, and I should be finished at around 9:50-10am or so.