Pictures from Europe (8.20.08-9.5.08)

Paris - Eiffel Tower from our hotel room

I have been back from my trip to Europe for a little over a week now and I finally sorted through hundreds of pictures.  Amanda and I went to four cities in a 2.5 weeks: Paris, Berlin, Oswiecim/Auschwitz and Istanbul.  We flew around everywhere and were lucky enough to stay in some decently priced nice hotels.

I trimmed all the pictures down to about 400, but also made a “best of” set on Flickr that sums up the whole trip in 117 pictures.

I also took a ton of video, so I’ll be making a video of that as soon as I find some time.

Check out the pictures on Flickr:

Paris, France (8.20.08-8.23.08, 9.3.08-9.5.08) (128 pics)

Berlin, Germany (8.23.08-8.27.08) (95 pics)

Oswiecim, Poland (8.27.08-8.28.08) (24 pics)

Istanbul, Turkey (8.28.08-9.3.08) (155 pics)

Best of Europe 2008 Set (117 pics)

Also below are some of my favorite pics: Continue reading