Stats and Sidebar Additions

Yesterday proved to be a very successful day for this little site o’ mine, primarily because of the India video that I posted on Vimeo. As much as I’ve tried to not talk about my site in public, mention it in passing at work, or just shamelessly promote it – it really is exciting to have more people to interact with. Yesterday I received about 7-8 times as much traffic as normal which garnered 2 random comments. I never get random comments.

Anyways, this is as good a time as any to draw attention to some additions to the info intensive sidebar of mine. I’ve added in an “I Like Music” section, which is a feed of the songs that I stumble upon while listening to my favorite internet radio site, Pandora. My Pandora profile is here, and my personalized station that you can listen to is here. Pandora has a great database of information about any artist, song or album along with links to buy the songs on Amazon or iTunes.

I’d also like to call attention to 2 new additions to my blogroll. Two friends from JMU and Luray, Ben Markowitz and Chuck Bowen. Ben’s site is a blog with a link to his portfolio, and Chuck’s is a frequently updated movie review site. C-bo is extremely knowledgeable about movie history, directing and always has a eye for a good movie.

Anyways, check out those two sites and keep an eye out for what I’m digging on Pandora. Thanks for reading!