Trip to San Francisco

Don, Andrew and I met up with Dave for a Samurai reunion in San Fran this past weekend. We got to do a lot of what I mentioned before, but missed out on the cable cars and La Taqueria. We played a lot of Wii tennis, biked across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, watch Dave rock out at O’Neills Irish Bar with Shantytown, checked out Dave’s office space, and explored Alcatraz. Many videos and pictures were taken (see Dave’s post), so check out the pictures in my Samurai in San Francisco set on Flickr. I loved San Fran, I haven’t been there in years – definitely wouldn’t mind going back there again soon…

Juniper Lane @ Iota

Juniper Lane, originally uploaded by boboroshi.

This past Saturday we went to Iota to see Juniper Lane. Aside from the super slow server, limited menu, lack of ranch dressing, and overcharging for beers, the night was really fun. The show solid, but the band that really surprised me was the second opening band: The Trews. These guys were from Canada, and they were letting it all out on stage. Very heavy classic rock. They were so good, that I bought a CD.

I borrowed John Athayde’s camera for the night to take pictures, and I think I want a new camera now. Maybe not exactly that one, because it was a little big, but definitely one that can handle shots in the dark as well as that one. Sift through his photostream for pictures I took that night, and also check out my set on Flickr.

Juniper Lane @ Iota

Ticket Memories

Something that people might not know about me, is that I’ve kept tickets to almost anything and everything that I’ve gone to since ~2000. This includes movie, concert, and sporting event tickets. I have painstakingly scanned each and every one of them in and made some notes about each event from what I could remember. It’s amazing what I did remember about each event though. Aside from most of the baseball and hockey games, each concert had distinct memories attached to it. Who I was with, what we did, what I ate before, etc.

My favorite ticket that I’ve saved is the one from when Dave Chappelle (pre-Chappelle show stardom and pre-mental breakdown) came to JMU to do a little standup for us. He was hilarious then, and obviously bound for success.

The ones that mean the most to me, are the ones from the old Okay Samurai days. We played many concerts and I’ve saved all the fliers, newspaper ads and tickets from our concerts. The two tickets below are from our concerts at Mainstreet Bar & Grill in Harrisonburg, including our last show.

OkaySamurai_JMU_020413 OkaySamurai_JMU_020420

For anybody reading, were you at any of these events?? Click through each picture page, rather than the slideshow for this set to read all the notes and captions.

Scanned Tickets Set

Behind the drums

bruce hornsby

I already posted a picture live last night from my cameraphone, but I just uploaded all my pictures that I took from my real camera.

The night was awesome, perfect weather, free tickets, you can bring your own beer in, orchestra seats down in the middle front, and backstage passes! I just want to thank Ryan Bishop for hooking up the great tickets again.

This picture was my favorite picture I took that night. After the band had gone, the crew was left to break down all the gear and pack it up. Wolftrap’s facilities were just awesome, just look at the ceiling and the upper seating area. The ceiling reminded me of the inside of a piano which probably explains why the show sounded so good. Check out the rest of the pictures I took too…

Bruce Hornsby on Flickr

Best Show of the Year

I’m back, but can’t disregard the awesome show that I saw only hours before I was on the plane to Seattle. I think Eugene and Andrew will agree that seeing the Rentals and Ozma at the 9:30 club will be my favorite show of the year. First, I never thought I’d ever see the Rentals play live in my lifetime. Second, they haven’t released a CD since 1999, and were taking on hiatus or taking a break for many of those years between. And finally, Rachel Hayden has re-joined the group from one of my other favorite bands, That Dog. Ozma started off the night perfectly and Matt Sharp let everyone know at the end of the night that they will be recording their 3rd cd this year.

I took some pics, most are blurry but check them out.
The Rentals @ 9:30 Club on Flickr