Pictures from Europe (8.20.08-9.5.08)

Paris - Eiffel Tower from our hotel room

I have been back from my trip to Europe for a little over a week now and I finally sorted through hundreds of pictures.  Amanda and I went to four cities in a 2.5 weeks: Paris, Berlin, Oswiecim/Auschwitz and Istanbul.  We flew around everywhere and were lucky enough to stay in some decently priced nice hotels.

I trimmed all the pictures down to about 400, but also made a “best of” set on Flickr that sums up the whole trip in 117 pictures.

I also took a ton of video, so I’ll be making a video of that as soon as I find some time.

Check out the pictures on Flickr:

Paris, France (8.20.08-8.23.08, 9.3.08-9.5.08) (128 pics)

Berlin, Germany (8.23.08-8.27.08) (95 pics)

Oswiecim, Poland (8.27.08-8.28.08) (24 pics)

Istanbul, Turkey (8.28.08-9.3.08) (155 pics)

Best of Europe 2008 Set (117 pics)

Also below are some of my favorite pics: Continue reading

Flickr Time Capsule

100 games of mariokart

I signed up for Photojojo’s Flickr Time Capsule to have them send me my most interesting photos twice a month from a year ago. It’s crazy how much has changed over time. We rarely ever play Mariokart anymore – it’s almost strictly Guitar Hero 3 lately. The picture is of one of me and Don’s many battlemode marathons. Unfortunately I lost 48-52. Here’s my time capsule for last year at this time.

Holy Crap, I’ve Seen A Lot of Movies

I finally took the time to scan in the bulk of the remainder of my obsessively collected movie ticket stubs. Thankfully my scanner can detect multiple items and automatically splits the images apart. I added about 75 or so scans of movie tickets to my “Scanned Tickets” set on Flickr, as well as two concert tickets that will forever be burnt into my mind. Weezer’s comeback concert at the 9:30 Club after being dormant for many years, and Phish @ Meriweather when Don and I drove to and from all the way from JMU almost passing out countless times while driving on the way back.

These tickets date all the way back to 1997, when I was still in highschool and saw an average of a movie a week, and usually paid for none of them. The recent scans also reveal movies I’m embarrassed to have seen like Dude, Where’s My Car?, the worst movie ever made Deep Impact, and Rob Schneider’s Deuce Bigalow. Anyways, this archival process is mostly for me, but you might find it interesting…

Scanned Tickets Set on Flickr.

Trip to San Francisco

Don, Andrew and I met up with Dave for a Samurai reunion in San Fran this past weekend. We got to do a lot of what I mentioned before, but missed out on the cable cars and La Taqueria. We played a lot of Wii tennis, biked across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, watch Dave rock out at O’Neills Irish Bar with Shantytown, checked out Dave’s office space, and explored Alcatraz. Many videos and pictures were taken (see Dave’s post), so check out the pictures in my Samurai in San Francisco set on Flickr. I loved San Fran, I haven’t been there in years – definitely wouldn’t mind going back there again soon…