Upcoming Trip: San Francisco!

In just a few days, I’ll be headed out with the guys for a little Okay Samurai reunion out in San Francisco, where Dave lives. Also, my paper that was due on the Monday after we get back, got pushed to the following Monday. A whole 7 more days to procrastinate! It’s just nice because I won’t have to be worrying about it all weekend. We’ll be out there Thursday night through Sunday, and I can’t wait to get out there. There are so many things to do, but here’s a list of things I really hope we get to do:

  • Visit Alcatraz
  • Watch Dave perform at O’Neill’s Irish Pub
  • Visit Minor Studios‘ office on Fremont
  • Rent bikes and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge over to Sausalito or Tiburon
  • Wii Sports showdown
  • Burritos from La Taqueria the Mission District
  • Ride a cable car at Powell St, have a Beard Papa creampuff in the food court

Those last two bullet items, I have no idea anything about, but Dave put it in the list of possible things to do, so we’ll see what happens! You can bet that Dave and I will be taking tons of pictures and videos to document the weekend…

Beach & Bangalore

It’s the last day at the beach here for me and for the first time in a few years, I had my fantasy football drafts the week before going to the beach.  This is especially nice, because I got to pick my team rather than using the pre-set autodraft.  (I’ll post my two lineups in a later post.)  Unfortunately, I have to head back a little earlier than usual this year because of school, but I’m glad to sneak in one more relaxing vacation before I’m inundated with homework and reading.

Also when I get back to work, I will be frantically prepare some training material for my trip over to Bangalore, India to train a few new analysts.  I’m really excited to get a free trip to a place that I never thought I’d visit to experience new cultures and food.  I’ll be heading over with my co-worker, Chris, and we’re going to try to chase down some NFL games in a bar.  Not sure if they get the games over there though.  You’ll definitely see a slew of pictures posted/linked from in in about two weeks, so keep checkin’ back in.

Running Log: Week 6

As with all weeks prior to this, all runs were during the week because the weekends were too busy. I did hit my goal of a “longer” 4 mile run. I hope to match that this week, and ramp up to 5 miles in a couple weeks. I think the key is not to burn out too soon, as I’m still about 4.5 months away from the race date. Either way, I am much better condition at this point in training than I was last year.

Congrats to Andrew and Kelly for finishing up at GW this past weekend – Andrew’s pictures from his graduation and Local 16 (where I met up with him) are here, but sadly, there were no pictures to document Andrew’s first Ben’s Chili Bowl experience. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a similar set from me in 2.5 years. Continue reading

Running Log: Week 5

This past week was the week of happy hours. I pummeled my body with Whitlow’s 1/2 price burgers, Clarendon Ballroom roof-top Miller Lites and soft pretzels, and Hard Times Cafe Chili Cheese Dogs. Not good for keeping lean or running. This week, I’ll try to ramp a run up to a longer (but still measly) 4 miles. I’m still not over the mental hurdle of 3 miles.

I also just found out (unofficially through the school’s application website) that my hard work earlier this year has paid off, and I’ll have much less time to train starting this Fall. Can’t wait for the big official envelope to show up in the mail.

Finally, I don’t think I ever highlighted this from my Flickr photostream, but this postcard personalized with my pictures and race stats from the Army Ten Miler definitely played into me signing up again. Marketing kudos to whoever thought this idea up.
Army Ten Miler Postcard - FrontArmy Ten Miler - back
Stats after the break… Continue reading

Weight Off My Shoulders

The month of buckling down has come to an end, and I feel free again. The GRE went well, I reached my target score and exceeded my expectations on the quantitative section. My verbal skills must have reached a plateau in high school since I scored about the same as I did almost a decade ago on the SAT’s.

To celebrate, I had a bunch of my friends meet up at The Continental in Rosslyn to watch the basketball games, and take advantage of some cheap happy hour deals which included multiple chili dogs, and even some cans of PBR & Miller High Life. Sorry no pictures this time around. Unfortunately my bracket winner Georgetown, whose campus was a mere half mile away, stumbled in the Final Four against Ohio State. The Florida game was a snoozer (check out the “game flow” chart – middle right.)

So, if I get into school – no more worrying until summertime…

Death of TV

TV to me is dying a slow death. I used to come home from work and knock out 2-4 hours of programs off my TiVo and DVR every night, but with the combination of adding studying to my daily routine and bland story lines – my season’s passes are dropping like flies.

Another factor that has come into play is the addition of 2 magazine subscriptions. I now subscribe to Wired and Business Week. Who knew there’d be so much pressure that comes along with getting a new magazine every week? What are you watching, and is there anything that I absolutely should add to my “keepers” list?

The OC (couldn’t even finish out the final season)
Most MTV reality shows

Prison Break
Grey’s Anatomy
How I Met Your Mother
The Office

Hanging on by a Thread:
24 (Jack, please don’t kill me)

Attention Deficit

This past Thursday marks the beginning of my month of “buckling down”. I enrolled myself in a Kaplan GRE prep course that meets two times a week for a month. I’ve tried to study on my own before using GRE books, but I always lose interest and stop about a week later. I figure throwing some money behind at prep class would keep my attention. And just so I can’t squirm out of taking the GRE for another 6 months, I already signed up to take the test shortly after the prep class ends.

There is homework to be done between classes but I have also been exercising my brain in other small ways that don’t really have anything to do with knowing the antonyms of words no one ever uses, or determining from a passage, what the author’s real thoughts on the migration patterns of different animals are. I noticed that when I’m reading one of the bland and pointless passages for a practice test, I tend to lost interest, drift off and skip around randomly. I’ve been trying to increase my attention span by reading articles online and in magazines…all the way to the end. Usually I just stop after I get the gist of the article, or kind of scan through just to make sure there aren’t any more major points.

The other thing that I’ve done to try to increase my attention span is when listening to my iPod on the way home from work, I try not to skip through songs. You’d think this would be easy, but I find myself skipping tracks pretty often, about 30 seconds to a minute into each song.

Tonight I’m headed to good ol’ Iota to catch Juniper Lane. They will most certainly hold my attention. Check out pictures in my Flickr photostream if I remember to bring my camera.