Running Log: Week 18

Finally a breakthrough in my running schedule. I set a goal of 10 miles last week, and I’m glad to say that I met that mark. I ran a total of 11 miles this week in three sessions, the longest run being 5 miles. It went easier than I anticipated. Physically I wasn’t tired or hurting after each run. It has become more a matter of available time, my patience level of running for >45 minutes at a time, and also my dang left earbud won’t stay put in my ear. I’m going to have to get different headphones for my iPod Shuffle just for running. If anyone out there has recommendations for good running headphones, let me know.

Now onto stats that aren’t totally pathetic:

[week 18 of 26]

  • Runs: 3
  • Distance: 11 miles
  • Time: 104 minutes (9.5 minutes/mile)

Total Stats (18 weeks total):

  • Total Runs: 30
  • Total Distance: 91.5 miles
  • Total Time: 14.8 hours (9.7 minutes/mile)