Switch Complete

It’s only been three days since I got my new Macbook. I have been using a Windows OS ever since I can remember, so it has been quite a shock. I still haven’t used all the features and bundled software that I bought a Mac for, but it’s only been a few days. For the first two days, it didn’t feel like my computer because I was struggling with transferring over all my files, music, photos and videos. It was a flashback to good ol’ ISAT 460 to network a Mac and a PC together so that I could transfer the files over. It involved a router, pinging, static IPs, smb, and a lot of other nerdy stuff. If anyone reading this needs help, just contact me.

So, there are a few things that are taking a little longer to get used to. First, there’s no dedicated right click button on Macbooks without a mouse. You have to either control+click to get the right click menu, or have two fingers on the trackpad and then click. I’m also use keyboard shortcuts a lot, and not using cntrl+c and cntrl+v to copy and paste takes some getting used to. There’s also the difference in how you install programs – rather than using an install program, you just drag the program to your applications folder. Easy enough, but a little confusing to figure out when you have to mount/unmount the application. The screen is a little small for using 100% of the time, but I plan on getting a 22″ monitor eventually.

So far the positives have far outweigh the negatives. Things I really like so far…the form of the Macbook. It’s compact, small and feels solid. The magnetic power cord feature is nice for not yanking it off my coffee table. The battery time is excellent, I have over 4 hours of battery time while using Wifi. I really like using Front Row to control iTunes and watch video podcasts. I realize this is just like Media Center on a PC, but I never had it (I haven’t had my own computer since college). I have also taken advantage of the built in iSight camera to have a video iChat with Shea out in Carlsbad, CA. One new feature in OSX Leopard is “Spaces“. It’s really nice because it allows me to have multiple desktops at the same time. If one space is getting all cluttered up, I just start a new desktop.

Anyways, if you couldn’t tell, I’m enjoying not only having my own laptop for a change, but learning how to use a Mac for the first time. And I haven’t even gotten deep into iMovie or GarageBand. Thanks to those who convinced me that a Mac was the way to go.

Making the Switch Soon…

I don’t have my own laptop at home, and just have been working off the work laptop, but I think it’s time to get my own. I might be caught up in the hype, but their products have been great to me so far (iPod Video, iPod Shuffle), and also people that own Macbooks are very happy with them. I just want to use my computer for browsing the internet, movie editing, music, creating music (GarageBand) and organize photos. After this release and this recent upgrade, I should have a brand new Macbook within a few weeks. Bring on the haters…