Discovering New Music With Muxtape

Finding new interesting music can be hard if you don’t know where to look. I stand by the statement that I went to college during the best four years for discovering new music. Everyone was using Napster to discover songs from people across the country as well as finding MP3s out on our school’s network. Times have changed, and widely available free paths to music have been shut down for the most part. The common person is limited to the 15 songs that are in rotation on the local terrestrial radio stations, paying for satellite radio, or whatever song is featured on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. The internet has really opened up a lot of opportunities for a more interactive way to find music such as Pandora, or LastFM. I prefer Pandora because of it’s super simple interface.

There is a new interesting site that just hit the streets called MuxTape. It’s a site where you can upload songs out of your personal collection (up to 12 tracks, each <10MB) to share as an online mixtape. This has potential to take off, because while you can personalize and share “stations” with Pandora and LastFM, you can’t share a specific group of songs. The interface is simple and huge and very easy to use, but I would like more ability to customize the mix. Like giving it a name (Summer Mix ’96, or something else cheesy like that), uploading an image, or a directory of muxtapes to discover. Bands can use this as a simple place to send people to listen to their new releases. I’ve already found a sweet band called MGMT from this muxtape that I never would have found otherwise.

Check out my muxtape @ Leave me a comment to your muxtape if you end up making one.

Stats and Sidebar Additions

Yesterday proved to be a very successful day for this little site o’ mine, primarily because of the India video that I posted on Vimeo. As much as I’ve tried to not talk about my site in public, mention it in passing at work, or just shamelessly promote it – it really is exciting to have more people to interact with. Yesterday I received about 7-8 times as much traffic as normal which garnered 2 random comments. I never get random comments.

Anyways, this is as good a time as any to draw attention to some additions to the info intensive sidebar of mine. I’ve added in an “I Like Music” section, which is a feed of the songs that I stumble upon while listening to my favorite internet radio site, Pandora. My Pandora profile is here, and my personalized station that you can listen to is here. Pandora has a great database of information about any artist, song or album along with links to buy the songs on Amazon or iTunes.

I’d also like to call attention to 2 new additions to my blogroll. Two friends from JMU and Luray, Ben Markowitz and Chuck Bowen. Ben’s site is a blog with a link to his portfolio, and Chuck’s is a frequently updated movie review site. C-bo is extremely knowledgeable about movie history, directing and always has a eye for a good movie.

Anyways, check out those two sites and keep an eye out for what I’m digging on Pandora. Thanks for reading!