Upcoming Trip: San Francisco!

In just a few days, I’ll be headed out with the guys for a little Okay Samurai reunion out in San Francisco, where Dave lives. Also, my paper that was due on the Monday after we get back, got pushed to the following Monday. A whole 7 more days to procrastinate! It’s just nice because I won’t have to be worrying about it all weekend. We’ll be out there Thursday night through Sunday, and I can’t wait to get out there. There are so many things to do, but here’s a list of things I really hope we get to do:

  • Visit Alcatraz
  • Watch Dave perform at O’Neill’s Irish Pub
  • Visit Minor Studios‘ office on Fremont
  • Rent bikes and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge over to Sausalito or Tiburon
  • Wii Sports showdown
  • Burritos from La Taqueria the Mission District
  • Ride a cable car at Powell St, have a Beard Papa creampuff in the food court

Those last two bullet items, I have no idea anything about, but Dave put it in the list of possible things to do, so we’ll see what happens! You can bet that Dave and I will be taking tons of pictures and videos to document the weekend…

Birthday Weekend

This weekend was a busy one with both my Mom and Amanda’s birthdays to celebrate.
For my Mom’s birthday we met at Bangkok 54 in South Arlington. I’ve heard good things about it, and passed it many times on the way to the Arlington Cinema n’ Drafthouse but never eaten there. The food was good, above average for some of the Thai places that I’ve eaten. On the other hand, I can confirm the common complaint that the restaurant is on the noisy side, and it wouldn’t hurt to investigate some noise dampening.

Amanda’s birthday celebration spanned two weekends. If you haven’t checked out my Flickr photostream, pictures from last weekend’s limo excursion out to the Leesburg wineries is up here. Last night we celebrated again with more friends in DC at one of our favorite places, Matchbox. Of course we got our favorite sliders with addictive onion strings, washed it down with a few De Koninck beers, and followed it up with a few more at Buffalo Billiards in Dupont. Busy weekend, but ready for this week to get started.

Wedding & Engagement Party Weekend

It was a busy out of town weekend. Starting in Leesburg for Amy & Jeremy’s wedding. They had an awesome mariachi band that played during the cocktail hour and pre-ceremony. And because the wedding was a JMU wedding, there were tons of old friends from college. Congrats to Amy & Jeremy…

The next day, Amanda and I headed down to Richmond (2x in 2 weeks!) for an engagement party. More eating and drinking ensued, as well as some late night pool debauchery. Check out the sets from both nights below:

Amy & Jeremy’s Wedding Set

Randy & Meredith’s Engagement Party Set

The Wonders of Zantac

If you have arrived at this post via search or Wikipedia, please leave a comment or your story about using Zantac and drinking!

I had only had two beers before I went to college…each beer at separate times. Each time, my face immediately felt flush and hot afterwards. It wasn’t until at college when I rediscovered this feeling of my face getting splotchy red and hot while drinking. Then people had told me I had “Asian Man’s Disease” when I drank. The combination of not drinking in high school and not having many Asian friends prevented me from ever being exposed to this “phenomenon”.

Throughout college, I went through phases of caring about this seemingly unpreventable reaction…on one hand, it was uncomfortable, and on the other hand…who cared? For me, it was hit or miss. Some nights my face would turn red, and other nights I would be “in the zone”. It was the inability to predict how my body was going to react that sparked some anxiety. I was constantly running to a mirror to see if my face was red. I quickly learned that, for me, the color of the palms of my hands was a good barometer for how my face was doing. If they were red, I was in trouble. If they were normal, I was good to go… Continue reading