Those Darn Skins

The season is over, and we ended the year at a boring 8-8.  I do think that Jim Zorn did pretty well despite the crash and burn in the second half of the year.  He brought fire and emotion back to the sideline that the second coming of Gibbs never even came close to showing.  Our defense had a phenomenal year (thanks to the pro-bowl snubbed London Fletcher, and rookie standout Horton), while the offense struggled to score in the double digits each week.

There are obvious gaps in how the Redskins are building the team.  People blame Jason Campbell, but what quarterback could make throws when linemen are busting through the line in under 2 seconds almost each play?!  People blame Zorn for having Mike Sellers fail to smash it in from the 6 inch line, but that becomes pretty hard when your line doesn’t move the other team forward.  It’s amazing Portis even came close to 1,500 yards this year.  We are terrible at drafting and overpay for big names that don’t ever produce (favorable) results.  Which brings us to the point of this post: Vinny Cerrato.  Each year, we call for him to be fired.  With Wikipedia, people are publicly documenting Cerrato’s shortcomings.  This is awesome – if only Dan Snyder would listen.

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