New Photo Blog / Spring Cleaning

Please take a minute to re-introduce yourself to the sidebar. I’ve pared down a lot of the “me elsewhere” links, and have quietly added in drop downs for the categories and archives. For the very observational folk, you’ve already noticed that the one major addition is also to the “me elsewhere” section where I’ve added my new photo blog. just released a new theme that adapts itself to the color makeup of the picture. This makes it look like the theme is customized for each picture. Here’s a little preview:

I’ve backlogged a few of my favorites, but will be sifting through my Flickr photostream for some old pics and throwing those in there a few times a week as well. To navigate, you just click on the right side of the picture to move backward and the left side to go forward through the photo posts. Head on over and check it out. Let me know what you think here, or leave a comment there. I’ve queued up three pictures per week for the next couple months, so visit often. Sorry, you’ll have to follow two sites now 😉 []

Stats and Sidebar Additions

Yesterday proved to be a very successful day for this little site o’ mine, primarily because of the India video that I posted on Vimeo. As much as I’ve tried to not talk about my site in public, mention it in passing at work, or just shamelessly promote it – it really is exciting to have more people to interact with. Yesterday I received about 7-8 times as much traffic as normal which garnered 2 random comments. I never get random comments.

Anyways, this is as good a time as any to draw attention to some additions to the info intensive sidebar of mine. I’ve added in an “I Like Music” section, which is a feed of the songs that I stumble upon while listening to my favorite internet radio site, Pandora. My Pandora profile is here, and my personalized station that you can listen to is here. Pandora has a great database of information about any artist, song or album along with links to buy the songs on Amazon or iTunes.

I’d also like to call attention to 2 new additions to my blogroll. Two friends from JMU and Luray, Ben Markowitz and Chuck Bowen. Ben’s site is a blog with a link to his portfolio, and Chuck’s is a frequently updated movie review site. C-bo is extremely knowledgeable about movie history, directing and always has a eye for a good movie.

Anyways, check out those two sites and keep an eye out for what I’m digging on Pandora. Thanks for reading!