A Week In Bangalore, India

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So…it’s really late here (1am) and I’ve finally finished mixing the India video that I’ve been promising. It’s my first crack at splicing together video and music, and by no means is it a masterpiece. I worked in a few still pictures (because I didn’t take as many videos as I should have) which leads to the slight discontinuity between some sections of the video. For some odd reason, there’s an audio snafu around 1:45 that’s not in the original file before I uploaded it to Vimeo.

The video is pretty much about traveling by car in Bangalore and traffic, but that’s probably not too disproportionate to how much of the time it felt like we were sitting in it. The final scene is Chris and I braving our lives while crossing the street. I wish I had taken more videos of the food that we ate, and some of the random side streets that we explored. Oh well, I’ll know what to do next time. It was fun, onto the next video. Enjoy…

Music: “Maru-Bihag” by Ravi Shankar