Pictures from Juniper Lane / Coldplay @ Verizon

Coldplay @ Verizon
I’ve just posted my pictures from the Coldplay concert on Flickr, where Juniper Lane opened up.  They did great, and I thought the crowd had a very good response to their short set.  Not many of my pictures came out that well because we were a bit far away, and they didn’t light up the stage that much for Juniper Lane.

Check out the set of pictures: Juniper Lane / Coldplay Set on Flickr.

Also, I caught a local celebrity sitting right by us.  Click through to find out who it was! Continue reading

juniper lane and coldplay

The crazy weekend never stops. As I’m riding the bus back from NY I get some awesome news that Ashley has extra tickets to go see Coldplay at Verizon center tonight.

Seeing Coldplay is going to be awesome but its going to be even cooler to see friends, juniper lane, as the opening act. They won a contest on dc101 so this is a huge break. I’ll have pics and video tomorrow.

update: Pictures post here.