Welcome Spring Weather

Finally, Spring is here.  I was definitely tired of the snow piled up on the streets for weeks.  To celebrate, and get out of the house, we took a day trip down towards Charlottesville to visit a couple wineries for the day (Barboursville and Horton).  We picked up a few bottles, and look forward to drinking them on our rooftop this summer.

See C-Ville Wineries on Flickr.

Great weather at Barboursville
Great weather at Barboursville


Frozen Dining Area, originally uploaded by jchin1.

I’ve decided to start posting more pictures on Flickr on a more frequent non-set basis. I’ll probably be carrying around my camera more often, and uploading a picture or two here and there rather than reserving Flickr for only my big trip pictures sets. This is a good time to remind everyone to check out my Flickr page on a regular basis. If you read this and have a Flickr account, add me as a contact.

The weather this past week has brought out the bad driver in everybody, and all the untraveled areas have turned into sheets of ice. I hope the temperature gets above freezing soon, I can’t even get the stupid sheet of ice off my hood and roof of my car.