Found: Rare Weezer Artifacts

Anyone who knew me during high school and college knew that I was a huge Weezer fan. I started liking them around 1994 when I saw “Undone the Sweater Song” on MTV. Weezer turned into a decade long obsession starting with the Blue Album, hunting down import singles and fizzling out with more recent releases.

Just this past month or so, my parents made me clean out my closet from my old room where I was storing lots of old toys like random Transformers and He-Man books/cassette tape sets. In the cleaning out process, I also stumbled across an envelope with all my Weezer Fanclub gear.

For just $10, I was sent many priceless items. I scanned in most of the items such as the autographed group shot, an awkward factsheet with biographies of each band member, and Weezines (weezer fanzine’s) 12, 13 and 14. But the most interesting of all was the Weezer Fanclub Address Book. At the time, there were only about 5,000 members, and each person has their name and address listed by country. By now you’ve seen my member card, and I clocked in at #4439 – and I even made it in the address book despite the cover only going to #4415. Looking at this stuff definitely sparks some nostalgia of the good ol’ days. Check out the rest of the stuff in my Weezer Fan Club Gear set on Flickr. I did some quick searches and haven’t found anyone with this stuff…

Super Rare Weezer Fan Club Address Book
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