Welcome Spring Weather

Finally, Spring is here.  I was definitely tired of the snow piled up on the streets for weeks.  To celebrate, and get out of the house, we took a day trip down towards Charlottesville to visit a couple wineries for the day (Barboursville and Horton).  We picked up a few bottles, and look forward to drinking them on our rooftop this summer.

See C-Ville Wineries on Flickr.

Great weather at Barboursville
Great weather at Barboursville

Notaviva Wine & Music Pairing

Last night we did the Notaviva wine & music pairing that I mentioned earlier.  First of all the building that we did the tasting in was awesome.  Set at the end of a gravel road, almost the entire building was exposed wood.  There were three levels to the building, and the top level was a recording/production studio.  As I mentioned before, they played 10 clips of songs for each wine and we rated them based on a 1-10 scale.  There was a wide range of music genres from organ music, to Metallica, to country and so on.  It was much harder than I thought it was going to be.  I ended up trying to think of the wine I was drinking, and what kind of music I would like to be hearing when I was drinking it.  Others tried to think of the subtleties of the wine (bitter, long finish, etc.) and if that went with the wine.  I would say by the 3rd or 4th wine (out of 5) – we trailed off and were just feeling good to be drinking wine.  Notaviva said that they were going to release the results of the ratings and also the raw data to us, so I’m wondering what that will look like.  Either way, a fun way to spend some time with friends.

Us and the winemaker from Notaviva
With the winemaker from Notaviva

Update, check out the picture set on Flickr: Notaviva Music & Wine Pairing